Devin Whatley is a Managing Partner at the Ecosystem Integrity Fund, where he leads deal structuring, negotiations, and fund operations, and works closely with the portfolio companies. He has been dedicated to environmental sustainability for close to 30 years and in particular the application of sustainability in technology and commerce. He believes that demonstrating business success in sustainability is not only possible, but also required in order to accelerate the society-wide shift to a clean and green existence.

Devin serves as a director on the boards of Bluon, Synova Power, Complete Solaria, Flying Embers, ThinkIQ, Ride1Up, and Unagi. He is formerly a board member of EV Connect, KeVita, OneEnergy Renewables, Pegasus Solar, and Lumigrow, and was also a board observer at Zep Solar, CleanFund, and SynchroNet.

Devin’s background is as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, with significant experience in operations, sales, and finance. He began his career in the film business, where he developed and honed his operations and cost-management skills as the producer of more than 50 large-budget commercials and music videos. During this time, he nurtured a growing fascination with environmental sustainability and became a passionate student of green business. Looking for a way to use his diverse skill set as a “triple-bottom-line” entrepreneur, in 2000 Devin launched a gourmet, organic home delivery and packaged food business that catered to the Hollywood elite. From an initial $10,000 investment, Devin rapidly grew the firm, before merging it with a larger natural food manufacturer in the region. Subsequently, Devin was the general manager of a start-up organic winery that he grew to profitability and developed and ran a successful luxury yoga retreat business near Santa Barbara.

After a brief stint at his family’s award- winning mutual fund company, where he worked with the investment team and institutional sales group, Devin became a partner at Aquillian Investments and subsequently co-founded the Ecosystem Integrity Fund.

Devin has an MBA from Wharton and is a CFA Charterholder. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA’s Honors Division, where he was both an Alumni Scholar and Regents’ Scholar, earning a degree in East Asian Studies with a Business Emphasis. Away from the office, Devin can be found in the pool with his local Masters swim team, riding his Peloton bike, coaching his two kids’ sports teams, or experiencing the great outdoors with his wife and family.