• Revalue Nature accelerates development of high-quality, nature-based carbon projects in tropical forests
  • Natural climate solutions could provide one third of the CO2 mitigation needed by 2030; however, carbon markets have historically been plagued with uneven project quality, leading to a lack of trust and a reputational risk to credit buyers
  • Revalue nature provides a comprehensive toolkit and support for project operators, ensuring integrity, transparency, and resilience
  • Superior technology brings precision and integrity to all stages of carbon projects (e.g., site assessment to monitoring), leading to 1) more successful projects, 2) greater trust in the market, and 3) scale
  • Revalue’s first project, Ruvuma Wilderness, is a partnership with Carbon Tanzania to reduce risk of deforestation in the region; it is set to become one of the largest REDD+1 projects in Eastern Africa.