A sustainability focused venture capital fund

The Ecosystem Integrity Fund (“EIF”) is an early growth stage investor in companies contributing to environmental sustainability.

The movement toward environmental sustainability is making incremental improvements to the largest industries in the world.  Over the next several decades, the economy will be transformed by this movement.

The integration of economic and environmental sustainability is not just a trend – it is a long-term, durable shift driven by economics. This will impact every industry, resulting in a massive mobilization of capital.  This is the next phase of the Industrial Revolution – and it is happening now.

Our Mission

To use private capital to accelerate the transition to sustainability, resulting in a healthier planet, healthier communities, and strong economic growth.

EIF seeks to demonstrate that there is no trade-off between having positive impact and achieving outstanding financial returns.  Sustainability is fundamentally about making things better: more efficient, more functional, less toxic, and less costly.

RENEWABLE ENERGY over hydrocarbon energy

ELECTRIC VEHICLES over gas powered vehicles

DISTRIBUTED ENERGY over centralized energy

SMART AGRICULTURE over dirty agriculture