Our Strategy

We look for the most critical pain points where a business problem overlaps with a sustainability problem.

Identify Drivers of Change

We intensively study the drivers for change and constraints to innovation within systems to identify market niches that are ripe for change.


Seek Out Companies That Solve Real Problems

We seek out companies that solve problems for key players.


Understand the Cadence of Transformation

We are sober about the pace at which large entrenched systems change and skilled at identifying how and when they will.


Pursue Undervalued Opportunities

We look for opportunities that have not received as much attention as they warrant and where significant impact can be achieved with limited capital.


Chart Our Own Course

We are resistant to hype and chart our own course. Our independent, conservative, and incremental approach leads to attractive investment opportunities with reduced competition.


Where We Invest

Adoption of renewables, electric vehicles, good food, etc. are all poised to accelerate, and these areas all represent attractive areas for venture investment.

EIF has been at the forefront of this change for over a decade.  We offer investors an effective, targeted, and profitable way to participate in this transformation.

Renewable Energy


Agriculture & Food

Climate Resilience

Green Chemistry

Waste Reduction