Amanda Bamberger is a Vice President at the Ecosystem Integrity Fund where her responsibilities include deal due diligence, portfolio company support, and investment strategy development. Amanda comes to EIF with 10 years of experience in sustainability and impact analysis. Amanda uses a foundational understanding of physics and engineering to elucidate how companies can affect change in global development and environmental impact. Prior to EIF, Amanda was a Director with Factor[e] Ventures, an impact investor supporting de-carbonized solutions in energy, agriculture, waste, and mobility in emerging and frontier markets.

With Factor[e] Ventures, Amanda was responsible for investment due diligence, portfolio support, investment thesis development, process management, and research on special topics including income-generating appliances, electric vehicles (2-wheelers and buses), and renewable microgrid technologies. For this work, Amanda spent meaningful time in India and East Africa including Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania to understand the end-customer and startup landscape. She also managed an intra-portfolio merger, and advanced internally incubated companies targeting the water and sanitation sector.

Amanda also completed a secondment with a software company delivering a mobile and offline-first Computerized Maintenance Management Solution serving global critical infrastructure operators. As a product manager, Amanda gained experience managing customers and software developers to deliver the first enterprise-grade version of the maintenance platform.

Prior to Factor[e], Amanda worked for Environmental Resources Management, a multi-national environmental consulting firm helping large companies meet regulatory compliance and voluntary sustainability targets. With ERM, Amanda conducted third-party assurance of EHS performance data, sustainability data collection and organization, and impact assessment including remote field work in Nicaragua to gather primary data in support of a social and economic impact assessment for a capital project.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Engineering (Mechatronics), and a Master of Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University. She spent several months in rural Nicaragua for her graduate thesis project, which was a sustainable solar headlamp for roving mobile medical attendees.